Waist coat wonder

Getting back to sewing after this Christmas holidays was a bit of a drag. Not the sewing part, but I was making a dress I found uninspiring. I thinks I had made the pattern just once too often so didn’t seem to be enjoying it. So roll on this weekend when I knew it would be finished and I could start on my next project – a waistcoat for my husband.

He’s been looking online for a new waistcoat for a while. He has a favourite old black one the fits him quite neatly but he does like a bit of colour. My sister in law sent me some gorgeous Harris tweed for Christmas, but this was a selection of fat quarters, so not enough for this proje20140202-225809.jpgct. And my local fabric shop didn’t stock woolens, but did have a beautiful turquoise-y cord. It contrasted beautifully with a pinky, purply heavier cotton that I could use for a lining.

I was also given the Great British Sewing Bee book this Christmas which had a waistcoat pattern in. The one in the book has a rounded neck and my hubby prefers a v, but that wasn’t hard to rectify. We dithered for a while about whether he’d be a small or a medium so, for the first time ever, I made a quick practise one to get the size right. We decided on the medium pattern but with a couple of inches added length.

The cord was a joy to work with. It’s the heaviest fabric I’ve worked with so far but I love


d the way it was so easy to control in the machine. Laying the lining onto the main fabric and sewing the edges was simple enough. The trickiest part was joining the side seams without any bulk at the ends of th

e seams. I then got to use another Christmas present – the make your own covered buttons set. I had to draft in Robert to help me force the backs of the buttons on, but the results are fantastic.

I have to admit I’m rather pleased with the results. I can feel a new sewing craze coming on!




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