If at first you don’t succeed… Unpick!

It’s always exciting to try something new and that is my plan for the next few days.
When I first got into sewing a friend popped round with a box full of jersey knits that have been sitting under my sewing table ever since. My recently made tunic top needs a long sleeved T-shirt to go under it and I just so happen to have a T-shirt pattern sitting around the house. All things seem to be pointing me towards facing my stretch fabric fears.

I spent the weekend reading blogs and the like about how to best sew knits. It gave me a long awaited opportunity to attach my walking foot and give it a go.
My plan tonight was to cut out the paper pattern. This was achieved quite quickly, as was the adjustment to make the pattern longer so I decided to cut the fabric too.
That done (making a shorter sleeved T because the fabric I chose to try it out on wasn’t wide enough for long sleeves) I still had a bit of time to start sewing. Silly me!
It started well – I tried a few combinations of zig-zag width and length to find the best for me. I pinned my back pieces together and off I went. Great. After a couple of false starts because my thread kept snapping I was off. Only, when I came to sew on the front I discovered that one of the pieces was upside down! Cue a long session of unpicking. OK, not the end of the world but then the fabric gots itself stuck in the footplate resulting in a complete dismantling of the sewing machine in order to get it out.
Finally I was ready to go again and this time I successfully stitched the back seam. I have now pinned the shoulders, but that will do for today. Check back again to see if I. Ever get it finished!



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  1. Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!
    Nov 05, 2014 @ 02:54:03

    I love my seam ripper! Come on, you can do it!


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