Recycling Scuppered 

I was recently gifted a rather splendid and expensive curtains to make use of the fabric. It’s not the kind of colour my hubby or I wear but we thought it would be great to use for a first ever attempt at a men’s jacket. 

Burda 6872 duly purchased, pattern pieces all cut (sending me into a panic of apprehension about the ensuing project) and so to disassembling said curtains. 

It seems as though the dog has other ideas. Tonight’s sewing is scuppered! 




Today I started my first proper trouser project, Burda 6873.

I’ve had the pattern for a while and have been itching to get started on it. I bought the fabric before Christmas and I am keen to get going using my new over locker too.
I had been thinking about making a muslin of the main trousers but was tempted to dive straight in with the fashion fabric. However sense prevailed and I spent today making adjustments to the pattern for a perfect fit.


All I need to do now is rip it all apart and get started on the main event. I have to admit a sense of trepidation as the pattern seems a little complicated on first glance. I feel I’m going to be on quite a learning curve over the next couple of weeks.