Overwhelmed by possibility

At last! After 2 months I have unpacked my sewing machine. And not only that, all of my sewing notions that were packed away way back in August when we initially moved house. I have set up my sewing space and reorganised my bits and pieces. 

So now what? 

I’ve spent so long thinking about what to sew, reading magazines and blogs and preparing for this moment that now it has arrived I’m overwhelmed by it all. I keep finding other things to do to avoid getting started and committing to one project. I’ve even made a list, but it still doesn’t tell me where to begin. 

Any ideas?  


where would you start?



Oh my! 

I’m sitting here on a January afternoon just seeing where my mood takes me and I find myself in WordPress looking at others blogs and dreaming about the day I can unpack all my sewing equipment and start sewing again. Imagine my surprise to look at my own blog and realise that it’s been over 200 days since I last blogged! (That’s not quite true, I have been blogging on another site about my house move, but that’s another story!)

I’m not one given to planning or resolutions, but here goes: I’m going to try and blog a sewing themed entry here at least once a month during 2016. In theory I have the time – I’m not working at present and still in the throes of moving to the Highlands. And once I’ve unpacked, I’ve certainly got the motivation! 

That’s it then. See you February! 

Third Time Not Lucky! 

Got a chance to start sewing my Sew-La-Di-Da Blitz dress this weekend. The lining, bodice and skirt all went together beautifully, but then came the collar!

I’ve now cut and stitched the collar three times without success so it’s time to call it a day for now and revisit with refreshed enthusiasm tomorrow.

Any tips would be gratefully received.

Finished Phoebe

After a week away from the sewing machine (see previous post) it has taken me all of 10 minutes to finish off the Phoebe bag I started well over a week ago.
One of my new challenges is to create projects using the fabric that I already have in my stash. This tartan is recycled from a beautiful Ness skirt I bought at a charity shop. Although I loved the skirt it didn’t quite fit over the hips so I posted a photo of it on Facebook and asked for ideas.

I toyed with several ideas but was limited by the amount of fabric available. Then I remembered this pattern I had got from Craftsy so thought I’d give it a go.
The pattern was actually pretty simple and easy to follow however I made a few silly mistakes along the way, mainly through rushing: the top stitching on the handle is poor and the fastener doesn’t quite line up accurately. I can live with these imperfections and I’m sure others won’t notice them.
Its definitely a pattern I’ll use again and perhaps take a little more time over it then!



Back to school tomorrow with a new accessory. Mine’s a Phoebe, what’s yours?


Half Term Break from Sewing

As is usual practice in our house now, a school holiday means a break from sewing and partaking of an altogether different hobby: house renovations!

You can read all about this week’s holiday at my Taigh Sonas blog.


Simple Sew Pencil Skirt

Today I’m using the Simple Sew pattern from Love Sewing to make a skirt with some fabric my eldest son bought me for Christmas.


Trouser Success

It’s been a week now since I finished sewing my first pair of men’s trousers. I was hoping to get some pictures of my OH wearing them as the ones of them lying flat don’t do them justice, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet and I’m keen to move on. I’ll post the photos at a future date when I get round to it.

I used a Burda Style pattern, no 6873. After making a muslin of the main trouser pieces I was confident going into sewing the fashion fabric that the fit was good.

Because this was my first time sewing trousers and included several new skills (a zip fly, welt pockets, side pockets) I really took my time and read every step of the instructions several times before sewing. I also basted more than I have before to make sure that I as on the right track at every step. The instructions were not the easiest I have followed, but a sprinkling of common sense and a dogged determination meant I got there in the end. I’m still not sure if I used the correct pattern pieces for some of the pocket parts, because that wasn’t clear, however it worked out well in the end.

As a first try they are pretty good. There are one or two small imperfections that I can work on next time. I would definitely be more confident at tackling this pattern again and am looking forward to choosing a more exciting fabric.





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