A Crazy Crafternoon!

Last Saturday I helped to organise and host a ‘Crafternoon’ in aid of Comic Relief. The idea came about after seeing the Mollie Makes Crafternoon book talked about on Instagram. I bought the book immediately and after sharing details of my purchase on social media became aware of how interested people were in supporting such an event.

Once the book arrived it became apparent that I’d misunderstood the concept: Mollie Makes suggested making the objects to sell to raise money. This didn’t appeal nearly so much so I got together with our local sewing guru and we made the event suit our interpretation.

Our plan was to have a crafting, coffee and cake afternoon. People could come along and sample new crafts or bring along a personal project to work on in company while partaking in beverages and food. Jane and I raided our stashes of fabric and yarn and made examples of things people might like to try (including from the Crafternoon book).

Our event was well supported, provided many locals the chance to craft alongside like minded individuals, was a space for local crafters to meet old friends and make new ones, a great way to spend a rainy afternoon and raised £330!


Glasses Cartonnage


Yesterday, thanks to the magic and generosity of Twitter, I went to the Great British Craft Festival at Stoneleigh. I hadn’t seen anything locally about this show, but another Twitter user found she was unable to go and offered her ticket up for free. It arrived in a lovely card wishing me a good time and off I went.
To be honest, although it was packed with lovely crafts, most of it was paper craft and that’s not my thing at the moment. However, my eye was caught by a couple of things and purchases were made. One was a set of printing blocks and I’m sure ill blog about those when I get started with them, and another was cartonnage.



It was not something I had come across before but I was intrigued and bought three sets from Hazel May Designs: a pencil case, a mini clutch and a clutch template. With my husband’s need for a glasses case in mind, I started by trying the pencil case.
I read the instructions through a couple of times, but they weren’t the clearest, however once working through step by step a little bit of logic came into play to make it work. I had planned to take my time and leave the pieces to dry between instructions but in the end I was enjoying it so much I just cracked on. Getting the fabric completely flat was less challenging than I had expected, but I need. To improve my corners on the other templates.


It took about an hour to make with a real sense of achievement at the end. I’m now looking forward to making a clutch purse to match my new dress. I feel a new obsession coming on!