Glasses Cartonnage


Yesterday, thanks to the magic and generosity of Twitter, I went to the Great British Craft Festival at Stoneleigh. I hadn’t seen anything locally about this show, but another Twitter user found she was unable to go and offered her ticket up for free. It arrived in a lovely card wishing me a good time and off I went.
To be honest, although it was packed with lovely crafts, most of it was paper craft and that’s not my thing at the moment. However, my eye was caught by a couple of things and purchases were made. One was a set of printing blocks and I’m sure ill blog about those when I get started with them, and another was cartonnage.



It was not something I had come across before but I was intrigued and bought three sets from Hazel May Designs: a pencil case, a mini clutch and a clutch template. With my husband’s need for a glasses case in mind, I started by trying the pencil case.
I read the instructions through a couple of times, but they weren’t the clearest, however once working through step by step a little bit of logic came into play to make it work. I had planned to take my time and leave the pieces to dry between instructions but in the end I was enjoying it so much I just cracked on. Getting the fabric completely flat was less challenging than I had expected, but I need. To improve my corners on the other templates.


It took about an hour to make with a real sense of achievement at the end. I’m now looking forward to making a clutch purse to match my new dress. I feel a new obsession coming on!




Late Night Card Making

I was finally back at the sewing machine today after a holiday and the subsequent washing and ironing. I worked through the day on my Couture dress, edge stitching the arms, shoulder seams and neck edge. I watched the lesson on the lining and ordered my fabric then out it aside for a while.

This evening called for an emergency quick make – a birthday card for my son tomorrow. Cards are a great way to use yo odds and ends. This card is made from the cord used to make my husband a waistcoat, the purple longing from the same waistcoat and part of an old bed sheet.

I’m not sure where the ribbon is from, but I took the opportunity to have a go at some machine embroidery to write a birthday message on the front.

I can’t believe he’s 20 already. Let’s hope he has a lovely day tomorrow.