Improvers class! 

My latest crochet project has been another fairly simple pattern, this time a hat. I have to tell you I’m pretty addicted to crochet right now and can hardly finish a project without starting something new! Mind you I want helped this week when I was gifted a whole stash of yarn.

Anyhow, back to the hat. It was a fairly simple crochet in the round pattern. I still find the getting started and first couple of rounds the hardest and, in this pattern, I had to combine stitches to make the trim. The pattern was from a magazine that must be published in America as it referred to double crochet as single, but with a glossary at the back of the magazine that wasn’t too difficult to decode. 

This was my first project using a bigger hook (5mm) and that also helped. I still have issues with keeping on track of the correct number of stitches, but got better as the hat developed. I added an extra couple of rounds for a slightly lower brim, but I wouldn’t do that again. I used some cotton rich Aran yarn that I bought in the Hobbycraft sale. I used some of the yarn to make a pair of dish cloths.

 I have enough yarn left to make another hat. What do you think? 


Beaten by the flat cap

This is my second attempt at making a flat cap and, to be honest, I wouldn’t care if I never saw a flat cap again. 

It all started with trying to make a muslin. I was attempting to size up both my OH and son. 

The resulting muslin looked something like this: 

Fed up with measuring I decided to go ahead and make the finished product for my son. I made a muslin in the correct size and was good to go. 

The first problem I had was transferring in pattern onto my fashion fabric. I usually use carbon paper and a pattern wheel, but the carbon just didn’t want to show on my tweed. Next, the tweed had a bit of stretch in it so I made the effort to stay stitch around all the edges. 

The construction itself wasn’t too bad but turned out uneven which led to shaving a bit here and tucking a bit there and so on. After a full afternoon of that my so had to leave to go back to university and I finally admitted defeat. 

Sitting on the table, it looks passable, but it is not yet a wearable garment. I’m going to give up on if for today and go and read my new Sewing Bee book, but I don’t think this is the end of my battle with the flat cap