First draft

Today I had a try at making the adult version of the kimono slipper, with mixed results. The first difficulty I encountered was the sizing. I’m a size 5 1/2 so cut the uk size 5 pattern. After making up the first slipper and trying it on I realised that this was too big. I pinned it to size on my foot and made the necessary adjustments which improved the fit.
I didn’t have enough fabric to make s complete new pair so I used the first slipper to reduce the sole size of the second one. This one was a much better fit once sewn and has the advantage of having taller sides as I hadn’t had to change them to fit. It was perfect. This meant I had to go back again to slipper one and pinch in the back to improve the fit again.
Not one of my most successful projects but worth persevering with as once mastered they’ll be a quick and easy make.
I also need to get the hang of the cross over so it’s not the same on each foot!