New year, New Stuff

Happy New Year everyone.
Towards the end of last year I got a bit remiss on the blogging front. I have a few makes that I’m hoping to get around to blogging about as the weeks progress, however I have already started on some new projects and it is difficult to look backwards.
Last weekend my nephew called round and asked me to make him a case for his new phone. He said he wanted something with a little bit of padding and a zip around three sides. He duly sent me the measurements and so I was good to go.
I’d never made anything like this, but used the experience of making zipped make up bags as my starting point. Like the make up bags, I sewed the main fabric, interfacing and lining to the zip in one step, working on each side separately. The corners were quite tricky and needed to be worked on to ensure all the fabric was secure. Once the zip was on I could see the case taking shape and I just had to work out how to invert the pattern to join the lining and main fabric in a way that I could turn it the right way round again.
Not sure how but I did it. I’m pleased with the result and I hope my nephew likes it.




Learning Lining

After three evenings of sewing, the lining in my dress is almost complete. I’ve never lined a dress before and thought it was beyond me, but with Susan’s advice in the Craftsy Couture Dress Class, it went like a breeze!

Having not quite followed the class to the latter with regards to the interlining (I haven’t got one) I made more of an effort here. I made my lining the three separate parts and completed each so that I could enjoy seeing the finished dress come to life as I worked.

I discovered a new love of and stitching as a pick stitched the edges and basted my skirt and top linings into place. I managed not to do my usual and rush it through, with great results. I particularly love the neck and arm edges now – in fact I think I am a convert from facing.

I’ve also tried the dress on ready for hemming. I was worried it might not fit as I have gained a few holiday pounds, but it looks lovely (and will look even better when the pounds are shed!)
Next to complete the hemming then I’ll share my finished Couture dress with you.