New Look 6674

That’s a catchy title? !

After being inspired by several sewing blogs, I thought I’d have a go at sharing my sewing experiences online.

I’ve just this minute finished making the New Look pattern 6674, a simple wrap dress. I bought the pattern when I recently got back into sewing after a 10 year gap and this was the second time I had attempted this pattern.


Although I was really happy with the end result of my first attempt, this was more by luck than skill. I made a right mess of the waist band last time by being impatient and using interfacing that was too thick. Couple that with the adjustments I attempted to make post completion, it ended up a complete disaster. In fact it ripped during its first wash. This led me to cutting the whole dress in half and adding a midriff in a contrasting fabric. I love the end result, but was a tad disappointed with the process. Cue attempt number two.

I bought some lovely red fabric with white polka dots on eBay and was all set to go. Unfortunately the fabric wasn’t quite wide enough for the pattern so even before I started I had to make some adjustments. However, after that the bodice was a joy to make. I hadn’t been pleased with my darts last time, but this time they caused me no upset. The skirt also went together easily and so I had to face my nemesis.

But it was a breeze. With the right interfacing the whole section was easier to work with. I’ve been more vigilant about pressing between processes and I even basted when instructed. The result was a whole lot better. But just when I was on the finishing stretch I realised, that once again I had mis-read the instructions and made an error. I had attached one side of the midriff upside down and so had the tie pieces coming out at the waist on both sides rather than just on the right side for a side tie! D’oh! I have to admit, on both occasions I read and re-read the instructions and still managed to make these mistakes. Oh well, I needed to solve the problem rather than stew on it. I tried the dress on and quickly realised

20131017-214213.jpg that I could add an extra button to hold the dress in place then tie the ties either centre front, to the right as intended or at the back – perhaps a more versatile solution.

Then I did what I always do: rushed to get it finished making careless errors. I had to sew each button twice to get them correctly placed and the additional button hole would not hold up to close scrutiny. I took a break to slow myself down (and make hubby a birthday card) then sewed in the last button.

I’m quite pleased with the result: but I always feel like that when I’ve finished. I love the process of making and the joy of wearing them after, but at this point I’m just annoyed with myself for the mistakes I’ve made. I’m sure it’ll pass – as soon as I’ve got it on out of the house!

UPDATE! I have been wearing the dress for a couple of days now and have decided that I love it and can’t wait to attempt dress number three!