All done!

So here it is. I have finished my Simplicity 2741 toile made of left over fabrics. True to form it wasn’t all plain sailing. The aspects I had been anxious about – the collar and cuffs – were a breeze, but my machine decided it didn’t like cuff button holes today and went on strike. After a little perseverance and a cup of coffee I got it sorted before adding the buttons and it’s done.
I’m not sure it’s a shirt that’ll be worn much, but it proved the sizing is fairly accurate for my hubby. When I make him another one I’ll just make the arms half an inch longer to be perfect.
Hope you like!








Starting Sleeves

After another long day at work involving HMI and a meeting few new parents I was tempted to go straight to bed, but thought an hour of sewing might rid me of some work demons. And it did.
Today I started on my Simplicity 2741 shirt sleeves. I was making the slash opening at the lower edge of the sleeve – another first, adding a continuous lap. To begin with I wasn’t sure what I was actually doing, but as I moved logically through the steps it began to become clear. They are in no way perfect but not bad for a first try I reckon, and I get a real pleasure from seeing the contrast of different fabrics next to each other.


Collar Creation

Despite not getting home until 7.30 tonight, and finishing tea just before 9, tonight I have managed another hour on my Simplicity 2741 shirt. This evening I have mastered the collar!
This is my first attempt at making a shirt so I’m really pleased that the collar was much simpler to sew than I had expected. Next step sleeves and cuffs!



Getting started

Today I have managed to plan a lesson and activities to take place during an HMI visit on Thursday, then make a start on my multicoloured shirt. I’m surprised at how much I’ve achieved in just an hour. The front edging is done, the front pocket attached, the yoke and yoke facing in place and the front and back joined at the shoulders. I’ve finished because I need the collar and neck for the next step and I seem to have misplaced the neck pieces! I’m sure they’ll turn up when I’m less tired.




So, this is what’s left now I have cut out the pattern pieces for my shirt toile.


Interesting Start

DSCF6093I’ve finally gotten around to trying my hand at making a shirt. I have a Simplicity2741 pattern and have started to cut out the pieces to make my toile. The joy of this is that I am using pieces of left over fabrics so this is going to be a shirt to behold when it’s finished!

Watch this space.