Trouser Success

It’s been a week now since I finished sewing my first pair of men’s trousers. I was hoping to get some pictures of my OH wearing them as the ones of them lying flat don’t do them justice, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet and I’m keen to move on. I’ll post the photos at a future date when I get round to it.

I used a Burda Style pattern, no 6873. After making a muslin of the main trouser pieces I was confident going into sewing the fashion fabric that the fit was good.

Because this was my first time sewing trousers and included several new skills (a zip fly, welt pockets, side pockets) I really took my time and read every step of the instructions several times before sewing. I also basted more than I have before to make sure that I as on the right track at every step. The instructions were not the easiest I have followed, but a sprinkling of common sense and a dogged determination meant I got there in the end. I’m still not sure if I used the correct pattern pieces for some of the pocket parts, because that wasn’t clear, however it worked out well in the end.

As a first try they are pretty good. There are one or two small imperfections that I can work on next time. I would definitely be more confident at tackling this pattern again and am looking forward to choosing a more exciting fabric.







Today I started my first proper trouser project, Burda 6873.

I’ve had the pattern for a while and have been itching to get started on it. I bought the fabric before Christmas and I am keen to get going using my new over locker too.
I had been thinking about making a muslin of the main trousers but was tempted to dive straight in with the fashion fabric. However sense prevailed and I spent today making adjustments to the pattern for a perfect fit.


All I need to do now is rip it all apart and get started on the main event. I have to admit a sense of trepidation as the pattern seems a little complicated on first glance. I feel I’m going to be on quite a learning curve over the next couple of weeks.